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Tractors K-701 and K-700A is widely used in agriculture day perform a wide range of different jobs. The use of attachments, mounted and trailed equipment allows you to perform almost all the work. Such works include: plowing, cultivation, shallow plowing, harrowing, seeding, and many other activities related to land management. Tractors “Kirovets” K-701 and K-700A unified and differ in the design of the motor unit. Thus, tractor “Kirovets” K-701 has four twelve-diesel V-shaped YAMZ-240BM -300l.s and tractor K-700A is equipped with eight V-shaped diesel YAMZ-238ND -230l.s having turbo-inflating. The frame of the tractor Kirovec consists of two half-frames, connected by a hinge device. Poluramy tractor can be rotated relative to each other about a horizontal (pan 35 °) and vertical (inclination of 16 °) hinges. This provides good maneuverability and continuous engagement of all wheels of the tractor with the soil. Mirrors, speedometer, dust from the wheels, leaves traces on the road, washable, lighting fixtures, the dynamic exhaust passenger.