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Here is the new MarumerMap, ready for ’15. An original map made by me, Daederick. Inspired by the region I live in, Groningen, Northern Netherlands!

Version 1.18, with Soilmod, MultiFruit.
Various fixes and many updates. I do not know them all anymore, my apologies.
THIS IS THE FINAL VERSION. At the announcement of FS17 earlier this week, I will not change much on this map anymore. I want to enjoy it untill the new install comes from Giants. Only some minor fixes can be put trough to get a new upload, otherwise, please forgive my mistakes and enjoy the rest of the map, which you do like.

Major Changes since the ’13 version:
Redesigned the complete village
Made it into a 4 farm map, excellent for multiplayer, with a Cow farm, Sheepfarm, Arable Farm and Contractor
Replaced all the ’13 trees with ’15 trees
Redesigned some fields, making it from 142 to 129 fields.
Added room for 79 plots of forests, divided in little blocks of landvarying between coniferous, dedicious and mixed forests
Replaced the old rocky dyke with a completely new climbable, mowable dyke, one with some actual size!
Added extra shops to sell grain to!
Added dirt roads with actual badly shaped bumps and holes in it, for extra realism.
Added Speedbumps to some roads (I DO NOT KNOW the author of the model, sadly!)

Integrated Mods:
Chopped Straw