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The ChazetsV1 Francaise map medium multi fruit size
change all the foliage of the card
addition of calves and pigs, as well as slaughterhouses.
addition of milk milk loading trigger directly on the farm for engaging in intermarché.
change composting replace it with Marhu.
Adding lime quarry.
review all the fields.
Pda review and redone.
modification of the silo on the farm for breeding.
Correction nav mesh adding boviduc to avoid static cow.
all the trees cut to length.
add the potato washer and the pig drilling, and cuiseuse.
cereal farm review and modify for material storage.
addition of bulk fertilizer Unéal.

Model: Quadrant3300 Texture: Quadrant3300 Script: Quadrant3300, carl, rolling countryside Idea / Concept: Chazets Ls modding Test: The rolling countryside, greg62, madelait, frelon16, romeo16, carl, Other: