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Very big relief and a nice day gifts
Caucasus Village land and sea, plains and mountains Transportation vehicles, people working in factories, shopping malls, big boards
Road signs, bridges, river road asphalt and dirt and filth, where the traffic is coming reality Garden Center, quarry dishwasher, gas station
Restaurant City Village Body receiving your products you can sell products in raw form a recycled product and sell more Forest.
Deforestation for wood it is necessary to obtain a license or pay a fine. The map has its own unique menu with can see everything that’s happening
There is a dock with a boat into the container (animated) All animals on the map, including dogs and cats, and more – Animated
On the map, a lot of plants, factories that produce: flour, biscuits, bread, condensed milk, canned food, sugar, butter, as well as concrete culture: standard
+ Sunflower, corn, onions, carrots
Animal: standard + pigs, cattle and much more Changes in version 1.1:
– BGA added to the ramp;
– Permission for felling does not remain in the memory;
– The calf and the movement starts pigsty;
– In the city replaced the multi-storey house, in which the polygonal two less;
– Maybe to supplement milk;
– The negative balance ban on the purchase;
– Continued trunk removed when the warehouse is full
– In connection with the production halt during the unloading of transport;
– Download the latest pallets or packages;
– Seed warehouses located in garden centers and farms, increased

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