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The Mod came about because my son has a multicolor Drescher desired with “special” values.

– Completely re-textured (lamps are no longer colored)
– Gloss reduced
– 2 different models:
– CR 10.90 with original values (but improved braking system) Multicolor
– CR 10.98 with higher values (see description)
– Brakes again completely reworked
– Disk sound changed from blue to black
– Shop image revised

During implementation the following users supported in word and deed:

New Holland CR 10.90 Multicolor
Here I have a slightly different CR 10.90 for you, since were asked not only 33 colors to choose from, but the model was also drilled massively nor various other.
And that would be:
Original: 1300 liter
Mod: 2000 liters
Original: 40km / h
Mod: 53km / h
Grain tank
Original: 14,500 liters
Mod: 59,000 liters
Unloading speed:
Original: 350 liters
Mod: 3000 liter
Daily maintenance costs:
Original: € 1,760
Mod: € 650
Shop price as the original 430,000 €

Modell: GIANTS
Textur: GIANTS/BjoernP
Script: BjoernP
Idee / Konzept: BjoernP
Tester: BjoernP
Sonstige: Multiplayer tauglich