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Ravenport conversion with 3 courts for multiplayer.
I adapted the Ravenport map according to my wishes for the multiplayer.
Since we play them together in multiplayer everyone has a yard.
The yard 3 (sheep) is intended for later use or who only wants to operate sheep farming.
The pigs and dairy farm were the buildings of Kastor installed so the mods and because the stables otherwise are not displayed in the game.
Mods needed.
Farm 1: Pigs, Horses, Hens Farm Id 1
Courtyard: 2 cows, horses, chickens Farm Id 2
Yard 3 sheep, Farm Id 3
The FarmId must be adjusted in the item xml. Depending on how many teams use the farms.
In the Singelplayer one only owns yard 1 who wants to use the other farms must rewrite the farm id of the Animal Husbandry to 1.

Giants Kastor